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DHS himself

Dave and Claudia’s condo in Tacoma

Dave's Sweetie: Claudia

Welcome to Dave Straayer's home in cyberspace.
Finally up again after a long blackout.
(Updated Server Operating System, took a long time to get around to updating)

I’ve re-worked the photo library to use Jalbum. (Suggestion: use F11 to get full-screen images)  Most of the photo-album systems I’ve found require you to pay them to host your library, or to keep it to a trivial size.  This one does a pretty good job, and, like my old Proofsheet system, lets me host the album on my own server.

As of last spring, I am now a tenured instructor at Tacoma Community College, to teaching Math and Java. 

Our address is:
            6020 N Highlands Pkwy #25
            Tacoma, WA 98406-2152

253.759.0158 (home)
253.720.4811 (Dave’s cell)
253.720.8695 (Claudia’s Cell)
My email address remains, Claudia’s is, and you’ve already found the website. J

Claudia’s website is here.

Click here to view web-photo story about Dave's Lithuanian grandparents, and their parents, which includes photos from Lithuania in the 1800's.

New: Jalbum version of photo gallery.  It is now over 12,000 images!  I’ve decided to use Jalbum, and put my Proofsheet system to rest.  The old Proofsheet version (un-updated in a while) is here.

Recent photos are in Recent Times

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taken with my pocket-sized digital camera:

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The Photo Gallery is built by a VB hack I wrote, called Proofsheets. If you want a copy, write me.  I haven’t done much with it lately, though.