Anna and Charlie Smith,
an Internet picture remembrance of their
Lithuanian Heritage
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 Charles Leo Smith was born Konstantas Bumbuliavicius in rural Lithuania near Vilnius in 1890. He emigrated to America sometime around 1910. A friendly immigration official at Ellis Island helped him find his "more American" name Smith.

Anna Puodziunas was born near where Charlie was in Kaunas Lithuania, but apparently knew nothing of him until after her arrival in America. As a young lady, she worked for a Russian general as an au pair girl at his home near St. Petersburg. Noticing that an appalling number of good-looking Lithuanian boys were emigrating to America, she knew what to do.

These photos record a little of their origins in Lithuania and journey to America. They have been preserved and put in this document to share among Charlie and Anna’s descendents.


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Anna’s Parents: the Puodziunas family.

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Charlie's Parents: The Bumbuliavicius Family


The Puodziunas Family

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The funeral of Anna's father. The young man may be Anna's brother Peter, a school teacher.

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The women in the lighter blouse is Grandma Puodziunas, the other is her daughter, Anna's older sister.


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This group has grandma Puodziunas in the middle. The man on the left is probably Peter. The woman sitting on the right was probably Cecilia. The man on the right is probably Anna's brother Tony, who later went to Argentina.


The Bumbuliavicius Family

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This is the only other picture we have of the Bumbuliavicius family. It is Charlie's father's funeral. He is said to have been a colonel in the Czar's army.


In America

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Nine people. Middle row lady is Anna. Man with lighter suit is Charlie.

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Man standing, partly cut off, is Frank Bumbuliavicius, who is now buried next to Charlie in Grand Rapids. The middle man is Frank Mitkus.

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Charlie with a car in front of his garage in North Park.

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Charlie (Anna is cut in half), with children Mildred and Henry.

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