Drawing Notes P1020337 P1020300  march 2014...photos to plead our case for privacy screen to remain...this photo behind our fence, to the left. P1020301  area behind our fence begins
P1020302  whole area behind our fence, including extra black top P1020303 P1020305  area to the right of behind our fence P1020307
P1020308 P1020324  Louise and Claudia surveying plants in back...what should we put in where after new fence installed??? P1020325 P1020326  measurement guide for new privacy screen
P1020327 P1020328 P1020329 P1020330
P1020331 P1020332 P1020333 P1020334
P1020335 P1020336 P1020447 P1020448
P1020449 P1020450 P1020451 P1020452