Bengal Room

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Fan Tan Alley

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P1020383  Precious John and Pinky. P1020339  John and Pinky morning brekky at Embassy Inn P1020341  Tapenade at amazing Italian Restaurant P1020378  Tapenade Ingredients list
P1020345  Victoria Historic Marker P1020346  Waddington Alley P1020338  Smallest Store P1020348  Smoking Lily ... the smallest store...
P1020350  Smallest store weirdo sign P1020351  Never saw with mustaches before P1020353  Planning our day in Victoria! P1020362  :-)
P1020363  Oh that Louise   so good at voguing! P1020364 P1020365 P1020366  Munro Books sign ... purchased some great books along with juvenile 'Dr. DeSoto' for Claudia to read to first graders. Also this store is owned by Alice Munro. The store was founded in 1963 by Jim Munro and his first wife Alice Munro, the 2013 Nobel Prize-winning short-story writer.
P1020379  Lovely government building in the background. P1020380 P1020382 P1020425  Well, it's almost spelled that way!
P1020426  photogenic Louise! P1020444  Octopus about to escape