Little Red

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P1020144  One of John's masterpieces P1020145 P1020146 P1020147  olive grabber arrived bent and mangled..
P1020149 P1020151 P1020152 P1020153
P1020154 P1020155 P1020156 P1020157
P1020158 P1020159 P1020176  oh man does she ever look vets for lodging...but remember, Bert the cat lives there so all is okay P1020177  goats at Stone Oaks
P1020178 P1020179  tree on way to Thanksgiving at community house in OR P1020180 P1020181
P1020182 P1020183 P1020184 P1020185
P1020187 P1020188 P1020189 P1020190
P1020191  Dave, Louise, David...David isn't sure about all this... P1020194  Lee and Gail P1020196 P1020197
P1020198 P1020200  Tyler and Mom P1020201 P1020202
P1020203 P1020204 P1020206 P1020207
P1020209  back at the homestead P1020211  Floyd and his mama P1020212 P1020213
P1020205  This is a better can opener, so we ordered one like it