Dec 12 birthday at Space Needle

P1010663  Faux snow falling from the top of the needle P1010699  holiday tree outside Space Needle P1010697  taken outside from the bottom of the Space Needle P1010665  tree lights when first entering the restaurant
P1010666 P1010667  so excited! P1010676  yummy drink! P1010678  martini...with oysters served on a plate of ice!
P1010674  a martini toast! P1010668  some of the magnificent views from the restaurant P1010672 P1010670
P1010677 P1010692 P1010673 P1010685  notes would revolve around the top of the restaurant on a little shelf...making the rounds from table to table, then back to ours again  :-)
P1010689  a neighboring diner...travels and wife was back home and this was his birthday too P1010687  a lovely tasty dessert to share...mmmm gooooood!!! mighty pretty too P1010686 P1010688  has been wonderful...getting ready to go home after we finish our tea
P1010698  Chihuly building there but closed P1010694 P1010695 P1010700
P1010702  my space needle souvenier...light ON P1010704  light OFF