P1010001 P1010003  our silly framed box from Asian cookies -- "Exceedingly fascinating and charming, losing my heart to myself. I were intoxicated from exoticism, and enjoyed romantic feeling to the world." P1010004 P1010009  our sweet back patio
P1010011 P1010012  David filling the birdseed plate P1010013 P1010014  fountain from John and Pinky
P1010015 P1010019 P1010020 P1010021
P1010022 P1010023  Schroedy checking out the birds P1010028 P1010031
P1010032 P1010033 P1010036 P1010037
P1010042 P1010043 P1010044  aaahhh...relaxing P1010045
P1010047  two buds P1010048 P1010049 P1010050
P1010051 P1010052 P1010053  Schroedy nuzzling David P1010059  our tea cart!
P1010061 P1010063  one lump or two?? P1010066 P1010067
P1010069 P1010070 P1010083 P1010056