P1010521  Moondancer retreat...very fun! this is where we stayed... P1010522 P1010523  some stayed in the back bungalow...Loretta waving P1010524
P1010525  Loretta, Allison, Pat P1010526 P1010527  Leah knitting pencil toppers for her kindergarteners P1010528
P1010529  Pat...thinking, yeah, right! P1010530  Leah focusing on painting her holiday bulb P1010531 P1010532  beginnings of my moondancer mug
P1010533  Allison's bowl P1010534  Leah, Allison, Loretta, Pat, Janet P1010535 P1010536
P1010537 P1010538  Moondancers! P1010539 P1010540