Mildred's Shapshots 2

Bob Grove w IIMorrow shirt on sofa in Colton Bobbie Hunter and santa 12-91 Chuck - Hunter 2-91 Creston 53rd reunion
DHS - Jan Tasma 1 DHS - Jan Tasma 2 DHS w J-Mouse keyboard perhaps Comdex Easter with Terry and Justin
Hunter 12-91 Hunter at zoo 4 93 Hunter playing with bag 12-91 Hunter w Easter Basket 93
Infant and kennel perhaps Hunter M - Bud Tasma at Tasma's M and Helen deGraff  in restaurant M - DHS in mayfield apt
M and infant 1 M and infant 2 M and infant 3 M and infant 4
M and perhaps Bud Tasma M outdoors perhaps oregon M w poinsetta M DHS - Jo in Colton Hot Tub
Millie at table Millie in pink jacket Millie Pensive Millie w new Justy
New Justy Orchid close-up Orchid Peoples backs working on bookcase
Perhaps Bobbie and Infant 1 Perhaps Bobbie and Infant 2 Perhaps Bobbie and Infant 3 Snowman
Somebody getting perm Steve and Nancy Shapland with Wilma Tall Orchid Terry and Justn Sharing Food 1
Terry and Justn Sharing Food 2 Terry and Justn Sharing Food 3 Xmas deco Xmas on speaker